Friday, May 1, 2009

What Do You Believe?

By now, we've all heard the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean's comments during the Miss USA Pagent. Say what you will - and many have - but you should admire her for having the audacity to stand behind her convictions and not cower in front of a national audience. Since then she has gotten more emboldened by appearing on dozens of national media outlets and airing an ad in support of the National Organization for Marriage. She's not backing down because she simply believes in a traditional view of marriage.

Before we debate the civil or moral ingredients of this issue, let’s pause for a moment and review what is happening here. Whether you agree with her view or not, Prejean's passion and dedication to this issue should inspire you to stand behind your beliefs and give authority to your own voice. To hold them dear and be ready to defend them if called upon to do so. Intelligence, independence and imagination are devalued in many women. Who would propose that political spunk and bold, driven social ideology would come from a beauty pageant contestant?

A person who can stand alone in a sea of adversity and cling to a certain belief is a sight to behold. Your ability to do the same is part of your life’s work and a vivid test of your competence.

Peace & Love.

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