Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Do you feel it's time for a change? Are you tired of working the same job, living in the same place and doing the same things? At some point, I believe we don't necessarily choose change -- change chooses us. It beckons us to come forth, step out and do something new and different. It calls us to become more of who we were destined to be. We are always standing on the sea of possibilities given to us by a limitless Creator.

Most of us voted for "change we can believe in" during last year's presidential election. I wonder how many of us would vote for personal, transformational change in our own lives. I wonder how many people would dare to fight for a life worth living, where you wake each day with authentic joy and gladness because you are living your dreams and didn't have to sell anyone else out to get there.

I have often said that I am not one to be boxed in. I don't want to dream about it, or aspire to do it. I don't want to sit around thinking, wishing and hoping. I want to live in the fulfillment thereof. Most people are dreamers. They dream the best dreams but never experience the reality. It's funny how we judge the actions of many but embrace dreamers. There is no power in intention. You may intend to do something, may talk about it, may even pray about it, but until you actually *do* it, you're still just a dreamer. And even after you've prayed your best prayers, God still requires that you move your feet.

I read a passage from The Noticer which says: "If you are breathing, you are still alive. If you are alive, then you are still here, physically, on this planet. If you are still here, then you have not completed what you were put on earth to do. If you have not completed what you were put on earth to do... that means your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled. If your purpose has not been fulfilled, then the most important part of your life has not yet been lived."

Change is a good thing. If you are not constantly expanding your world to allow for change, you will eventually become frustrated with living.

Love, Peace & Joy

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  1. Very nice and iteresante your article, I liked that without the action as you say the intention is just the dream, but is made real through action.