Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Mocking Who?

It's good to go to church but when are people ever going to be changed?

You have perfected your dance but do you have any direction, peace or victory in your life? And when was the last time you made a decision based solely on the Word of God?

As much as we want to dispel the growing criticisms of the church, we cannot deny the continuous routine that takes place for many each Sunday. We go to church, participate in the praise & worship and listen to the sermon. And still our lives remain the same. We change like the wind, make decisions based on emotion and chase after things which are fleeting. We lack the dignity, integrity and maturity required to live a fulfilled life and corrupt those (young & old) who dare to follow our footsteps.

We lust with our eyes, deny God in our hearts and fail to control our worldly passions. As a result, our relationships are a mess, our homes are broken and many of our Pastors have conformed - not to a higher standard - but to what our itching ears want to hear.

Without God we can do nothing, but with God we can overcome any obstacle. We must strengthen our will and overcome those things that continue to bind us so that we can stop playing in atmospheres of foolishness and stand steadfastly on the right track. At that point, God will take us to places we've never seen to enact change we never knew we were capable of and our lives will be a shining testimony that God is good; all the time.

There is a higher standard and a deeper way of living. But we are not waiting on God to make it happen. God has always been waiting on us....

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