Saturday, December 27, 2008

A League of Extraordinary Idiots

It never ceases to amaze me how undisciplined and unrefined people can be. Chip Saltsman, former campaign manager for Mike Huckabee, sent a cd to fellow Republicans which included a song called, “Barack the Magic Negro,” - a parody about Barack Obama that first debuted over a year ago on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Anyone who takes a page out of Limbaugh's book can't be taken seriously, by the way. Unfortunately for Saltsman, this is no laughing matter. The parody was written by Paul Shanklin, a conservative satirist and supporter of Limbaugh.

Why anyone would hold something up as funny & tasteful when it is so rude and *tasteless* is beyond me. This engenders a certain attitude which should remain unacceptable. Saltsman has revealed his ignorance and allowed it to go before him and speak volumes by thinking it is amusing to bring up a connotation that has represented pain and undervalued a race of people.

But it further proves the narrative that people in the same league as Saltsman are out of touch and are among their own league of extraordinary idiots. His idiocy, poor judgement and total lack of good sense may ruin his aspirations to be the next RNC Chair. They might as well give it to Michael Steele, AKA, Mr. "Drill-baby-drill."

Chip Saltsman, if Barack is the "magic negro", that could make you Casper: the most ignorant ghost of all.

Let's continue in the spirit of giving as we flock to "Casper's" website and share our opinion of his questionable character: