Thursday, December 25, 2008

Welcome to Christmas

Today is the day when the best of who we are comes to the surface. Families gather together to laugh, catch up on old times, break bread and share gifts which are tangible - like a new sweater, the latest iPhone, or a new flatscreen. There are also those intangible offerings we present to one another on this day like a smile, the warmth of our presence, a kiss or a hug. Yes, Christmas is the one day of the year when even the neighborhood bully may give you a break and be pleasant. It is the day when you'll hear from friends, family or perhaps even distant acquaintances. They all come out of hiding... (or perhaps just out of the blue) to extend well wishes and holiday cheer.

While we celebrate Christmas and connect with family and friends, may we cherish these moments and embrace all the rich goodness this day has to offer. Who knows, maybe we can make it last well into the new year :).

Here's to love, life, happiness & joy.

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