Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love being black

With all the complexities, the varied and scarred history, the external struggles of the past and the contemporary haters of the present, I still love being black. Way before Obama and years prior to Oprah. I love being black.

I love the rich dark tones and the butter-smooth cream tones. I love the variety and the depth we carry. I love the knowledge and grit. I love how we are highly intelligent and can normally do the job better. I love how we sing, laugh, dance and dress our behinds off. I love the trends that we set, the companies we establish and the inventions we have created. Black people are trailblazers, many of us just don't know it yet. We come from greatness, excel at anything and go through tough times triumphantly.

That's why I love being black.
Despite the odds stacked against us.
Despite the stereotypes and the labeling.
Despite the condensed attitudes which attempt to marginalize and minimize our potential.
Despite the anger we carry and the coldness we tend to embrace.
In spite of all of these things, being black.... there is nothing better.

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