Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spiritual growth is constant. We never stop growing, developing or becoming. In fact, we soon realize on our spiritual journies, that life is not about destinations. If it were about destinations, then the moment we reached certain milestones (marriage, children, college graduations, first homes, surviving setbacks), we'd be happy, full and content. But we rarely are, and any excitement that comes is short lived. Soon, we look for the next thing to achieve. So life isn't about destinations, it's all about the journey we are presently on and what we learn along the way. To fully experience the journey, we have to pack light - leave the past behind and release the urge to consume ourselves with thoughts of the future. 

Spiritual growth is never comfortable with us remaining the same. It requires that we grow, shift and release ourselves from attachments or beliefs that no longer serve us. Spiritual growth will allow you to grow to one level, and the following year, require you to depart from there and move on to something else. You find yourself thinking, "but wait, I thought I was evolved in that area. I thought I had done all of the healing, learning, developing I needed from that space." Fortunately, no. There's always more to learn. 

While on this journey, through the varying levels of spiritual growth, what I'm realizing is that I cannot be responsible for other people. I cannot be responsible for where they are emotionally or spiritually. Nor can I be attached to what they will think of me. This is not a new truth, but sometimes you don't "get it" until you're ready to "live it." I hold a fundamental belief that we should always be kind and polite. Compassionate and loving. But we cannot be held back by the opinions, preoccupations, judgments, actions, or mindsets of people. We cannot give concern to how they interpret our behavior resulting from our spiritual growth and development, and what God is doing in our lives. It is an enduring lie that if we aren't concerned about people's behaviors, then we don't care for them. We can care, love and pray for them - but that is different from being consumed with their shortcomings, which are mere distractions sent to move us from our personal journey for growth. So the question becomes, how bad do you want to grow? Because spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who can withstand the judgement, accusations and isolation.

Everyone has to do their own work. And until they dedicate themselves to their own life's work, they will invariably be focused on yours. Release the emotions that will come as a result of this. Move forward with fierce determination that you are going to reach the fulfillment of what God died to give you: life, more abundantly, to the full, until it overflows. 

You're a spiritual being first. A human being second. 

Wising you faith, hope and love.

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